If cannabis and vitamin B17 kill cancer, why aren’t they approved by the FDA? Let me explain

The Logic of Science

cancer curesIt seems like hardly a week goes by without some news article claiming that a simple cure to cancer has been found. Similarly, social media is full of images like the one to right claiming that cannabis oil, vitamin B17, and a host of other things can kill cancer cells. However, more often than not, these claims are extremely misleading because the studies that are being referenced are usually in vitro studies (i.e., studies on cells in a petri dish) or, at best, animal trials, and both of those designs are extremely limited. As I will explain in this post, killing cancer cells in a petri dish, and safely killing cancer cells in a human body are two extremely different things. Indeed, many chemicals appear promising in laboratory trials but are later shown to be either dangerous or ineffective in clinical trials on humans. So you should be very skeptical…

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