Honest Disagreement in a Pro-Vaccine World – Fearless Parent

Over half of U.S. kids have chronic, autoimmune, immune, neurological, or developmental disorders. This includes your daughter and my boys. Why is there no sense of urgency to help our children?Not one of these organizations prioritizes answers for our children above all else.Not one of these organizations is paying more than lip service by devoting serious resources and intention to uncovering why there are so many sick, allergic, ADHD, asthmatic, autistic, OCD, and otherwise behaviorally-, socially-, learning-, metabolically-, and/or immune-compromised children.Not one.Their top priorities include shareholder value, executive compensation, scientific renown, commercial success, philanthropic cred, professional advancement, and the amorphous, sounds-great-but-what-does-it really-mean-and-how-do-you-calculate-it “greater good.”Motivations may be varied but they have coalesced around the singular objective to promote vaccination, taking it upon themselves to make the risk/benefit tradeoff for us all.Unnamed casualties in a pro-vaccine worldBeyond sick and injured children, there are numerous other unnamed casualties in a pro-vaccine world that mandates vaccination and increasingly endorses varying degrees of bullying, social stigma, and coercion:INFORMED CONSENTInformed consent is the international human rights standard. It is a hallmark in the ethical practice of medicine and a non-negotiable expectation synonymous with freedom, justice, decency, and transparency.PARENTAL RIGHTSParental rights encompass the responsibility and privilege of parents to direct the upbringing and make decisions in the best interests of their children.RELIGIOUS FREEDOM & CONSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITYThere are vitally important reasons we protect religious exemptions to vaccine mandates that have nothing to do with vaccination. Compulsory vaccination is coercion through the exercise of governmental power. It compels our submission to state authority. The Constitution is one of enumerated powers. Government derives its power from the people, not the other way around.DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIPThe physician’s Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm, has resonated for over 2,000 years. The trust and confidence that doctors will place our needs first is a keystone of care. The erosion of this relationship is part of the healthcare crisis. The system requires doctors to prioritize public health and insurer directives to the detriment of the individual.MEDIA INTEGRITY AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESSThe U.S. has been plummeting in the world press freedom index (from 20th in 2009 to 49th in 2015). Our media is compromised by consolidation and corrupted by industry advertising, as evidenced by the circulation of false information that’s designed to engender confusion, fear, and panic… like this story and this one when the truth is more like this. There is no freedom and no democracy without a free and open Internet and a truly free press.HATE SPEECHYour comment, that parents who don’t vaccinate make you sad, was respectful (thank you). But I wonder if you know that it is part of a much broader narrative that demonizes a group that holds a minority view. There is tacit societal endorsement, whether proactive circulation or passive silence, of a kind of hate speech directed at parents who question vaccines. The language is so mean-spirited and vitriolic, it’s not far-fetched to wonder if the intent is to incite violence. We hear that parents who choose not to vaccinate are stupid, irresponsible, parasitic, deceitful, idiots, jerks, assholes, freeloaders, and unworthy of consideration who should be shunned, punished, sued, incarcerated, shut up, fired by their doctors, threatened, and relieved of their children.This kind of abusive rhetoric is uninformed and harmful. It is also cowardly bullying and should not be tolerated. We’re better than this. There’s too much at stake.It’s time to roll up our sleevesIt takes courage to voice honest disagreement but you did it and others parents do, too. Many more are quietly supportive and fervently hope that others with — you name it, more money, brains, beauty, celebrity, or credibility — will follow suit. And they are speaking out, with more to come. As the conversation expands, we must resist the temptation to respond with sarcasm or self-righteousness. Our kids remind us what needs to be done. This is the kind of work that will make the world a better place for our children.DO THE RESEARCHThere are serious questions about vaccine safety and the answers must inform vaccine policy. Three groups are urgently in need of serious scientific inquiry:Those vulnerable to vaccine injury — who are they and how can they be identified prior to vaccination?The completely unvaccinated — what are their short- and long-term health outcomes and how do they compare with the fully vaccinated?The vaccine-injured — what do we know about them and how can they be helped?There’s more than enough money and this is long overdue. I strongly belie

Source: Honest Disagreement in a Pro-Vaccine World – Fearless Parent


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