uh no offence to jesse but admitting to a violent assault and possibly murder on the internet when people can very easily find his real name and address is maybe monumentally fucking stupid?



Maybe? But so’s people thinking that violent assault doesn’t real because the victims are bad people. I’m not super worried about charges from something 25 years ago; look up “statute of limitations”.

if i really did kill the guy, i need to face the music. i don’t know if i had the guts to turn myself in when i was a scared kid, if i’d seen in the papers that someone died. i like to think i did. but i certainly do now. it seems very likely he lived. i didn’t hear of a death, and i don’t think it would’ve gone unreported. but if he did i need to apologize to his family.

i was a dumb kid and thought banging his head on the wall would just cleanly knock him out like it does in the movies. i didn’t mean to do more than that. i don’t think i’d get 20 to life or anything. but the point is, i’m not trying to evade the consequences. i don’t talk about it because it’s incredibly fucking upsetting, not because i’m trying to hide my crime. i brought it up to stress that fistfights aren’t fun good times and people can get bad hurt, and part of that is: yes, if someone identifies the incident and has to do something about it, here i am.

so if anyone knows of a guy who got his skull cracked in a parking lot brawl in minneapolis in 1991, for god’s sake speak up.

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