4. How many doses are administered to children between 0 and 18?

Well, that depends. Would you like to count dose by the number of diseases protected against or would you like to count them by needlesticks? Also, it depends on which country you’re living in and various other factors. The first one varies but I’ve seen counts as high as 72.

Whichever way you want to count this though, it’s dishonest to count the MMR as one for your generation and six for mine. I don’t particularly have an opinion on how we should count them but choose one and stick to it.

Take this picture for example, courtesy of Age of Autism

That is an honest picture and does not make any lies. The question you should be asking is ‘And? Why should this scare me?’ – the list of safety features on the car your kids ride in is longer than the one you rode in.

If you’re about to object with ‘But carseats aren’t injected’ or ‘But Carseats have liability’ or ‘Carseats aren’t unavoidably unsafe’ or any such nonsense of that kind, read this, that and this other thing first.

And if you are going to call any of those a shill and expect me to believe you or host it on my blog then you will provide evidence. While it’s useful information, it would not show as much as you think it would.

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