Pascal’s R**ist/Schrodinger’s R**(*)ist: Or the cause of lots of Screaming Internet Fights – Part I.

So, first off, Schrodinger’s Rapist is a shit name. In Schrodinger’s Cat, there is definitely a cat. So yes, you are actually calling All Men Rapists when you use that term. I’m not stupid – I know you don’t mean to. But you know. what? You’re still doing it. A)Intent is not Magic, B)It is pointlessly confusing and C)You’re still on feet here – you need to get off of them.

Pascal’s Rapist is what it should be if you’re actually talking about fear-of-rape and such. Now we have dealt with the person who is just confused about the misleading name. (I mean, it’s apparently about Schrodinger’s Asshole so it’s a misleading name even if you’re not.

Now, onto the Screaming Internet Fights of Schrodinger’s R**(*)ist. Here’s the thing: Women don’t know if this particular man is a rapist or a sexual assaulter. Black people do not know if this particular person is a racist.

Part II is about a Pascal’s R*ist scenario.

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