Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 4

Good Evening, Class.   Today, it is Jennifer in Alabama’s turn to have her claims evaluated.

Here is the playlist:

And here is Jennifer in Alabama’s individual video:

Now, this one is a little longer than the rest since it clocks in at around the 7-minute mark unlike the 3 previous ones which have averaged about 3-4 minutes so I’m sure there will be plenty of time for Jennifer to provide causative evidence.   As always, please watch the video for yourself before reading since … well…how else are you going to know what the video says rather than what I say it says?

So let’s get to it, shall we?


Q: Did he have the Hep B at birth?

A:  Yes, he had it the second day.

Well, which is it?  Did he have it at birth or was it the second day?

0:41:   I have no reason to doubt this so okay then.

1:05:   There isn’t any ‘had to’ except maybe the DTaP/Tdap in certain circumstances.   Even in the strictest states, you are free to homeschool your child and keep them 100% vaccine free.

1:10:  Look at this.

1:16:  Ah, I wonder what vaccine injury this will be.

1:37:  I’d love to see your evidence for this statement about knowing he shouldn’t have had anything else with it now.  I mean, you know it so it shouldn’t be a problem.

1:59  Asthma is not a vaccine injury.

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies

2:02:  Eczema is not a vaccine injury either.

2:24:   That’s interesting.  So there is no way we can compare the pictures from before 15 months to after 15 months.   Wouldn’t you want to take several dozen pictures afterwards as at least a start to providing evidence?

2:36:  Well, which is it?  Did you not take pictures after 15 months or can we look at the pictures and compare them?

2:43:  I take it back.   It is entirely reasonable not to take pictures of the child after you’ve buried them or cremated them.

2:46:  Well, yeah.  Dead people don’t tend to look too healthy.  This should be obvious.

2:59:   Okay, if doctors can’t tell when someone is dead, we need to improve medical training LAST WEEK.

3:01-3:02:  I’m interested in what you mean by getting someone to listen to you.

3:11:  I just googled Autism in Alabama and came up with literally hundreds of thousands of results.  Make of that what you will.

3:13:    Well, which is it?  Did they ONLY want to send him to speech therapy or did they ONLY want to send him to feeding therapy?  They can’t both be true.   But what the fuck are doctors doing sending corpses to therapy of any kind?   Though here is a feeding therapy autism thing.  And here is a thing on speech therapy in autism.

3:18:  OH, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.  Make. up. your bloody mind.   Do you have a dead son or an autistic one?

3:42:  Seizure disorders are not a vaccine injury either.  See ‘Dravet’s Syndrome’ and the history.

3:48:   Right.  So we’re not actually sure that your child is actually autistic since autism-like does not necessarily mean autism.  I use this illustration a lot, I know, but a child with a concussion may have certain symptoms of autism i.e. a lack of eye contact but that does not make a concussion any form of ASD.

4:04:  So your child has AD(H)D then and seizures and not  solely autism.  I do not appreciate your lying either.

Here is what happened:

You: I want help
Doctor:  *suggests medication to HELP.*
You:  We got no help.

Yes, you got help.  It just wasn’t the exact help you wanted.

4:07:  No, he wasn’t.   You got suggestions of medication to help.

4:15:  Well, which of your claims do you mean is heartbreaking because they can’t all be true.

4:20:  Well, which is it – did he never sleep until he was five or did he never sleep through the night?  Again, pick a story and stick to it.    This isn’t the best source but if I recall correctly, it takes about a month or so to kill a rat via sleep deprivation.    So there is no way that I believe, without stronger evidence, that your son didn’t sleep at all for five years.

As for sleeping through the night at five years old, that’s actually brilliant.  Adults don’t sleep through the night, either.

4:30: Yeah, you also said that you didn’t get help when you did.  So….

4:37:  Having a child is not about you.

4:41:  What do you mean, when he slept?  You claimed he didn’t sleep at all for five years.  Pick one claim and stick to it.

4:44:  Hmmm….how is he standing up and jumping around if he died?  Pick a claim and stick to it.

4:51:  This is what we keep saying:  The diagnostic criteria broadened.

vaccinate with confidence.jpg

4:54:   What do you mean, it wasn’t comfortable?

5:00:  Umm…parallel play.

5:05:   Yes, he was.   He has to be there to parallel play – he has to be mentally paying attention to parallel play.  You just didn’t know how to tell, obviously.

5:07:  What do you mean?   How can he go through all the motions without paying attention to the motions?    PICK A CLAIM AND STICK WITH IT.

5:08:   Oooh…a toddler doesn’t want to quit moving ever.   NOT A FUCKING VACCINE INJURY EITHER.   There’s a reason they’re not called ‘sitters’ or ‘stillers’ or ‘quieters’ or ‘restful’.

5:29:  Indeed.  Knowing something is wrong does not mean you know the cause of it though.   But where is the evidence of this causative link?

the link is busted.jpg

there are too many coincidences

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

5:34:  Except that you’re looking for the answer you’d already decided on since that first doctor AGREED THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG HENCE THE MEDICATION.   This is not about you looking for help but rather you doing this:


5:37:  Again, the first doctor was helping you by offering medication to help so again, this is about you throwing your toys out of the pram because you don’t like the facts already given.   Maybe don’t throw your toys out of the pram.

5:46:  ‘Things’.  Can’t you be a tad more specific?

6:14:  You got him to potty train at three and swim at five.  Vaccine injuries should actually be injurious and should actually be caused by vaccines.

6:25:  Except that you said you lost him.  So which is it?  But actually, you’re right.  You are luckier than a lot of people throughout history – because you can take your children growing up for granted.

so if SIDs is a vacine injury

if there is a global conspiracy out there to sterilize the population or kill us off - it's not working.jpg

the tin foil hat brigade reckon Bill Gates

and a toast to vaccines

The great irony here is that the reason you can blame vaccines for deaths is because you  take it for granted that your child will grow up and it’s the very fact that a fair few infectious diseases are prevented thanks to vaccines that allows you to take ‘my child will grow up’ for granted.

6:38:  Umm…well, if only there was some way we could find out.

6:46:  No, not every single parent.  I only need one example to counter a universal and I don’t need a counter-universal but I have more than one example.  This mother was not doing the best she could.   Neither is this mother doing the best she could – since this isn’t an example of doing the best she could and neither is this.

Other options for the first mother:  Call your local emergency number on yourself, call CPS/DSS or your equivalent on yourself, drop your kid off at the local fire station/hospital/police station and run like hell. Murdering your child will never ever ever be the ‘best you could do’ ever.

But sure, the vast majority of the parents are doing the best they can but that doesn’t mean all.













Vaxxed Stories Video #9

Good evening, class.  Today, we’ll be paying attention to Leslie in Georgia’s Vaccine Injury Story.

Here is the playlist we’re working from:

And here is the individual video, which as always, you should watch for yourself so you know what it says before you go by what I say it says.  This one is around the eight minute mark so let’s get on with it.

0:00-0:18:  Okay, a fall and bleeding everywhere and you went to a local clinic.

00:19-00:56:  Note that the fall happened prior to the vaccine.

1:24:  Uhh…you had the fall and lost a lot of blood prior to the Tdap.  That’s NOT A  FUCKING VACCINE INJURY.

1:37:  Sounds like you may be allergic to thimerosal.   That’s sad and should entitle you to medical exemption (if I’m correct) but it’s not quite the same thing as a vaccine injury.

2:23:  Well, which is it? Was your throat constricting  (which would mean breathing difficulties) or could you call and talk to someone?

2:47:  Hmm….

3:10:  Oh, god, I’m not scared of veal, even if you are.

appeal to emotion logical fallacy card - Copy.jpg

And no, it does not.  It is a growth medium like soil is for carrots.

3:25:  I apologise.  I was too harsh.  However, this is more akin to malpractice than a vaccine injury.  It’s  NURSE INJURY, if anything, not a VACCINE INJURY.

3:53:   I repeat nurse injury, if anything, not a vaccine injury.  You can sue for malpractice without having to go through NVICP by the way.

4:06…Now, we’re getting on with it.  The typical adult over 30 gets flu every 10 years, for what it’s worth.

5:01:  Let’s see.  2014 was a common year so 365 days.  So that means 182 + 183 = 365.  So you had fever on 183 days at least.  31 of those were in January which means that aside from January, you were sick for 152 days over the year which is about 13 days in each month.

5:32-5:50:  Really doesn’t matter.  Claims stand or fall on their own merit.

appeal to authority fallacy.jpg

yes there have studies comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children this is why we don't want to repeat them.png

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png


6:08:  Oh, rubbish.  Mercola, Tenpenny, Andrew Wakefield don’t have any problems.

6:22:  Did you not pay attention to the autism omnibus and Andrew Wakefield’s GMC hearing?

6:35:  Yeah…about that…

if there is a global conspiracy out there to sterilize the population or kill us off - it's not working.jpg

6:51:  Correlation =/= causation.  And you do not have a representative sample.

7:33-7:49:  This is at most, evidence of  a malpractice injury.  STILL NOT EVIDENCE OF A VACCINE INJURY. 



Vaxxed Injury Youtube Video #6

Good evening class.  Today, we will be looking at Anderson in North Carolina and the claims in that video.

Here’s the playlist that we are working from:

And here is the individual video which, as always, you should watch prior to reading this so that you know what the video says rather what I say it says.   This is the longest video in the series so far at the 9:25 mark so I am sure there will be plenty of time for there to be more evidence than the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc logical fallacy.

So let’s get on with it.

0:00 – 0:22:  Well, no-one would have a problem if you had questioned vaccines.   As for you working in the medical field, claims stand or fall on their own merits.   Is that Michelle Gray or Michelle Grey, by the way?

Erin, asking questions is great.png
it's fine to ask a question like are vaccines safe.jpg

Well,anyway here is research from Michelle Gray and here is research from Michelle Gray.  As you can see, none of those results have anything to do with vaccines.

0:26:  Good, no-one else does either.

0:36:  That is not really working medically then.

0:44:    And yet when I search your name in pubmed…when it comes to the subject of vaccines:

ten points from anti-vaxxer!.png

0:51:   Not that anyone would have had a problem if you had but…continue.

0:59:  So where is your evidence of the causative link?  After is not a synonym for ‘because of’.   Though I must ask – if a vaccine without even a whole bacterium was enough to make you that sick, what do you think the real vaccine will do to you?  Also, which is it?  Were you not sleeping for a month or were you sleeping on the couch?

1:12 – 1:13:  Still waiting for that causative evidence.  Pertuss vaccine can no more give you pertussis than a small collection of car parts can run you over.

1:36:  No,  you did not get whooping cough from the acelluar vaccine.  STILL NOT A VACCINE INJURY.    And pregnancy is a mildly immunocomprised state so….you were pregnant – of course your immune system was weak.

1:39:   Yes, I  know you didn’t do the research.   I checked.

1:48:   You didn’t even know he got the Hep B shot.  As for what it was for…

why do we vaccinage newborns against Hep B.jpg

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

1:57:  Eczma is still not a vaccine injury either.

2:32:  Uhh… why?  Eczema doesn’t have much to do with guts.  And you worked in the medical field, you should have a better idea than ‘guts’.

2:50:  Hmmm….

3:10:   And what would be the expected background rate?

3:15:  If you are going to do the high-pitched scream–>Encephaltitis –>autism thing, don’t bother.

encephaltis is not autism 1 of 3.jpg

encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3.jpg
encephaltis is not autism 3 of 3.jpg

3:18:  And your evidence for the causative link is?

3:22:  I see.   So your son was throwing up everywhere and you didn’t take him to the doctor.  What was going on, then?  Funeral?  Wedding?

3:28:   We’re still waiting for you to show us that though.

3:30:  You have still not provided evidence though.

3:44:   If you’re going to bother with the autism trope, here, don’t:

there are too many coincidences

the link is busted

heiraches of evidence.jpg

autism epidemic what autism epidemic - Copy - Copy.png

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.jpg

widsespread universal scientific fraud

4:11:   Hmmm.

4:25: …

4:31:  Bought is not a documentary.   Did you ever consider public health countries?

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

4:53:  After you had made the conclusion but in any case, little kids get vaccines often.    After is not a synoym for because of.

The package inserts.  The same ones produced by the ‘Bought’ Pharma companies?

if vacicnes don't cause autism then why is it listed.png

We love books but there are reasons why revoultionary scienctific findings are published in science journals and not books.png

so you're a doctor who wants to overturn the decades-long.jpg

5:03:   Difference in health care.   This is the point.

5:23:  After is not because of.

5:30:  So?  Claims stand or fall on their own merits.  You did question and you did get answers. The fact that you reacted to the facts like this….

it's not fair I don't like these facts.jpg

…is your problem and nobody else’s.

5:38 – 6:01:  Now, yes, there have been studies on negative aspects of vaccines and there should be.   It is cherry-picking to only show those though.   What matters is what the findings combined (with proper weighting) shows and what it shows is that vaccines are overwhelmingly less risky than the disease they prevent.

We love books but there are reasons why revoultionary scienctific findings are published in science journals and not books.pnganti-vaxxers say pertussi vaccine doesn't work and herd immunity doesn't exist reality says otherwise.jpg

Claims stand or fall on their own merit and the evidence or not.

6:51:  Uhh…there are thousands of the damn things.

6:54:  Again, there are thousands of the damn things.  And thousands of the damn things for vaccines tested together too.

6:57:   So she lied to you.   Still not my problem  .     It is wrong wrongety wrong that pharma companies have zero liability.

Here are the CDC whistleblower documents.  Read them for yourself.    Plus, did it ever occur to either of you that there are other countries in the world?

7:19:   I don’t know what to say about whether she is.  However…I’m not as you can see here .  Just to make it clear, you can watch Vaxxed from my blog and you can then read my thoughts on Vaxxed.

7:28:  Uhh….

basic economis shill counter

7:32:  Polley Tommey has no sympathy for murder victims but has sympathy for people who are merely criticised so her having no sympathy for this doctor doesn’t really mean much.

7:35-7:47:  Did you consider asking for referrals to relevant specialists?  There is a reason we have specialists after all.

8:00:  No, you were told the truth which is that the vaccine-autism thing is a coincidence and then you did this:

it's not fair I don't like these facts.jpg

8:39:  Fine, I’ll speak up.  Quit using me as your bogeyman.

8:50:  They aren’t telling you to vaccinate your child.   You’re free to use online K-12.

forced vax counter

8:59:   No.  SB277 does not force anyone to vaccinate.  I repeat:  SB277 does not force anyone to vaccinate.


So….3 possible vaccine injuries then and ZERO were actual vaccine injuries.






Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 3

Good evening, Class.   Here is the video list once more:

Today, it is Kristin in Utah’s turn to have her claims evaluated so here is her individual video:

So…let’s get to Video #3, shall we?

00:00-0:14:   Hmm…this should be interesting.   I am sure this person has evidence for the causative link.

00:27:  So where is the causative evidence link for all of this being a vaccine injury?

00:33 …  Hmmm.  So where is the causative evidence then?

yes there have studies comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children this is why we don't want to repeat them.png

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

00:41:   Spiked really high fevers.   Give me a number.  ‘Really high’ could mean anything and therefore doesn’t mean a thing.   Sheesh though…if she spiked fevers from bits of pathogens, what on earth do you think the real disease that can fight back will do to her?

00:46:  Still waiting for that causative evidence.

1:01:  So where is this causative evidence?

1:06:   Evidence.  Get on with it.

1:28:  And once again…the autism claim.    Autism is not a vaccine injury.

the link is busted.jpg

`1:35:   The MMR is scheduled for 12-15 months.  Either it was delayed for some reason or else … it took at least eight weeks/two months after the vaccine.   That’s not what ‘right after’ means.

1:42:  Okay, I am sorry.  That sounds like it must be tough to deal with.   HOWEVER, that does not mean that you are actually correct with your claim.  This link might help you though.

1:57:  Why on earth would your husband going to medical school be useful?  You,yourself,  already know better than doctors so what on earth would be the point?

2:02:    Sure.  I have no reason to doubt she was diagnosed at 20 months.  However, after=/= because of.

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

2:16:  Hmm…what vaccine damage type symptoms?  We’ve already established that vaccines don’t cause autism.

2:30:   I’d like to see records though.  See the Hooker’s case as to why.    Plus, 2 is a rubbish sample size.

2:47:   Not sure.    Need further information.

2:57:   Your gut was wrong.  Doctors were right.

3:41:   Hmm….

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

Sure.  No-one will force you not to.

However, at this point, I must congratulate mother no. 3 for being able to decide whether she had an autistic kid or a dead one.

Well done, Kristin.




Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 2

So it is now Jenna in Seattle’s turn to have her claim inspected.    So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Here is the playlist:

And here is her individual video:

Yell at the mums, huh?

“I thought that maybe he was just incredibly smart, as he would remember everyone’s name and the alphabet and numbers, and mimic newsreaders and kids’ characters. He spoke like an adult and was reading signs at shopping centres when he was only two. Perhaps he didn’t want to mix with the other children because they weren’t at his intellectual level? He loved to sit and talk to the mums rather than go and play.
– Sonya, mother of Jack, aged seven”

00:26-00:31:   What injury was this?  How do you know he was screaming in agony/pain?

00:32:  Hmm.

00:33:   Ah.  I’d love to see the results of the CT scan or whatever.   Brain Brain Swelling…interesting.   This kid may actually have a vaccine injury but even so, you would need to compare that risk against the risk of encephalitis from the disease.

encephaltis is not autism 1 of 3

encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3

encephaltis is not autism 3 of 3

0:57:    Ah, so what is your evidence for the causative link for the MMR vaccine?

the link is busted.jpg

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

there are too many coincidences

It only makes sense to question everything.jpg

Meme says GMOs but the same principle applies:

the burden of proof claim scientists.jpgwidsespread universal scientific fraud

1:24:  Hmm….how did you establish the causative link with the vaccine?


1:34:  Then where is the causative link evidence?  You must have this in order to know it.

1:50:  Yeah, because we have established that there is no difference in rates so it’s obvious that vaccines  don’t cause autism.  What did you want to happen – them to lie to you?

the link is busted.jpg

Actually, that’s true even if it’s death.   Since there’s less SIDs amongst vaccinated infants.  I do wish you’d make up your mind though.    But I will seek clarification on the video.

so if vaccines cause SIDS.jpg

1:56:  Still waiting for that causative evidence.

2:12:  And your causative evidence is what?

2:25:  Hmm…since you know…you should be able to provide evidence of that causative link.

2:34:  Did you catch that, viewers?  Both of her sons have autism and one of them never had a MMR jab.    Well, done, you’ve just proved my point for me:  Autism is not a vaccine injury.

2:36:   That would argue that intellectual disability is  a vaccine injury and not autism.

2:41:  Hmm…

2:50:  And your evidence for the causative link with the MMR is?

2:55:  The vitamin K shot is not a vaccine.   Next.

3:13:   Crying is not evidence.  Get on with the evidence.

3:16:  ….  Umm…we’ve already established that it’s not the vaccines so WHY is this why you do this?

3:20-3:46:  Except, we have established, that your younger son is also Autistic so you know it’s not the vaccines.    In contrast, CRS is one known cause of autism so why are you not encouragaging people to get the MMR?   This is not about your son, it’s about your ideas.  And the very least you could do is be honest about that.


Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 1

Please do read the introduction post regarding this before we get started.   Failing that, you really should watch the playlist of the Vaxxed Stories because after all, you aren’t sheeple who take my word for it, right?

Here it is once more:

But most of those can wait.   What I really must insist upon is that you watch the video featured in the current blog post before proceeding onwards.    Right now, it is Nicole in Seattle’s turn.

So once you have watched it, scroll down and we’ll get to analysing Nicole’s claims.   Now, during this series please remember whenever someone claims something caused something else, they are really making two claims:  1)That something happened after that something else and 2)That B was actually caused by the other thing and therefore they have a burden of proof for both claims.

Right….I think that’s enough time for those of you who haven’t watched it by now to do so…so I should…

Right.  So, onwards then.

00:00 – 00:18:   Okay, I believe that your son was born in 2008.  I’d like to know what your definition of ‘pushing vaccines on pregnant women’ is though.   So far, so good though I’d like more information.

00:19-00:23:   Well, which is it?  Your O.B. didn’t have the brand new shot in or they were being pushed on pregnant women?  Choose a claim and stick with it.

00:25-00:26:    Again, I’d be fascinated to hear more about how you managed to skip the vaccine being pushed on you.

00:38-00:46:    Hmm….a baby that came close to being delivered by emergency C-section after really low blood pressure.

00:46:   So baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen a few minutes after birth.   Hmmm.

00:50-0:51:   Yeah, first Apgar score being 2 and they had to resusticate and revive him – so the baby had problems 12 months before the much-maligned MMR vaccine.  I wonder if there is an actual vaccine injury at some point in this film.

0:55:  Well, which is it?   Was he blue with a Apgar score of 2 or was he okay – they can’t both be true.  Again, pick a claim and stick with it.

0:58:   ‘Screamed his head off’ is not a vaccine injury.

0:59-1:05:  ‘Refusing to latch’ is also not a vaccine injury. Besides, where is the evidence for the causative link?

1:25:  Still waiting for the causative evidence.

1:34:  I’d like to see doctor’s records of this because of the Cedillo and Hooker cases.    Still, maybe there will be more evidence later on in this video.

1:42:  ‘Screaming all day’ is also not a vaccine injury especially when your kid is a fricking’ toddler.

1:49:   Oh my god, Nicole.   I am so sorry for your loss!   I’d be interested in what the coroner’s report says.

1:50:1:56:  Yes, you have our utmost sympathy for your child dying.  However, that sympathy is not a substitute for evidence for your claim that the vaccine caused your child to die rather than your child dying after the vaccine.

so if vaccines cause SIDS.jpg

1:57:   Well, of course he stopped looking at you.   That’s kind of how death works – he would have stopped doing much for anything.

1:58:  As for just sitting on the floor, I think you have entirely too high expectations of a corpse – did you consider burying him and holding a funeral?

2:00:  OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.   PICK A CLAIM AND STICK WITH IT.   Did you ‘lose him’ as in DEATH or did he sit and spin wheels or are you claiming that your son is a zombie?  Still waiting for a vaccine injury to make an appearance in this video.  I have sought clarification on Nicole’s video.

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

the link is busted.jpg

It only makes sense to question everything

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

there are too many coincidences

Meme says GMOs but the same principle applies.

2:20-2:46:   Umm….maybe because autism isn’t … I dunno… meningitis or anything like that.   So the claims aren’t contradictory.

2:28:   Well, we only have your word for that and given that you can’t even manage internal consistency….your word is not worth much, Nicole.

2:43 – 2:44:   Don’t be stupid.  There’s nowhere worse to go from Babyland – you lost him at 12-15 months, remember?

2:50:  HOW?  You lost him.

2:53:   What on earth is this obsession with making noises with mouth parts?  Of course, your kid isn’t going to talk… he’s dead, remember?

3:12:   So you should have some causative evidence then, right?

3:17:  Sure, how long was he dead for, what, three days or some other temporary measure of time?  Careful, things got really out of hand when something like that might have  happened circa 2017 years ago.

3:27:  How?  He’s dead, right?

3:31:  And your evidence that the vaccine caused this in the first place and your evidence that the therapy was the cause of him talking?  And why is there no mention of AAC here?

3:37:    Not talking until four and a half is not a tragedy.  Babyland is.  How on earth did he get bigger though given that he’s dead?

3:49-4:06:  When they are entirely still (because…death), it is time to give up on expectations for your kids.










Vaxxed Stories Youtube: Introduction Post

Good evening class.   This lecture series will be focusing on Vaxxed Stories Youtube as you might have guessed from the title of today’s post.    I have selected ten people from Vaxxed TV  (via youtube) to serve as our case studies for this series.

In particular, we have:

  1.  Nicole in Seattle
  2. Jena in Seattle
  3. Kristin in Utah
  4. Jennifer in Alabama
  5. Zachry, CA
  6. Anderson, North CA
  7. Kipton in Mississipi
  8. Laura in Georgia
  9. Leslie in Georgia
  10. Harold in Georgia

The next blog post in this series will be dissecting their claims and seeing whether they stand up to scrutiny or not.  In the meantime, you should check out the autism media channel – because how on earth will you know whether I quote-mined or not if you don’t?

Here’s the playlist, watch it before reading the blog post because after all….you aren’t sheep.