11. Have there ever been any studies on the safety or effectiveness of cocktail vaccines or the current vaccine schedule?

Yes!  There have been studies on both of those and this was addressed long ago in   several places.

Anti-Vaccine Points Refuted A Thousand Times



10. Do they offer single doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella or Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus?

Once again, who is ‘they’?  And what do you mean by a single dose of MMR and DPT?  Are you talking about one needle?  Or about one thing at a time?    So this is another question that will need to have some assumptions clarified by the asker.    Without those qualifications, the correct answer is ‘I don’t know’.


8. Which vaccines shed, for how long and what exactly does shedding mean?

So the vaccines that shed are the LAV ones. And what shedding means is …well..it depends on the vaccines…but typically it involves shedding in faeces so don’t let your kids play with their friend’s poop for a start.

The OPV certainly does shed and that’s a feature, not a bug in certain environments.  In enviroments like the US, however, it certainly is a problem which is why the US uses the killed Salk vaccine.

Chickenpox can shed too.  The longest time I’ve ever seen cited is six weeks – which would have an easy fix if shedding was transmission – simply vaccinate children at the start of the summer holidays.  Done.

Of course, shedding  probably isn’t transmission because we see a negative correlation between VPDs and the uptake of a given vaccine.  It is possible that there are other social changes (e.g. fewer mothers who smoke) but as a first pass, it’s totally valid to point that out.


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7. How much has currently been paid to vaccine injured families and who pays them.

Again, this question depends on where you are. But let’s go with America, because I happen to have a  few memes  handy on the subject – more than 0 and less than a hundred so we’ll see.

So here are the NVICP numbers from 2006 – 2013 as far as the ratio of awards to claims .  It is useful to know several facts about vaccines so here are a bunch of memes with sources on them.      Still, we have recently got up to 2020 so we should probably go looking for a more up-to-date version.  Luckily, the source is listed right on the poster! All we have to do is type into our browser in a new tab.

Of course, those who are so much smarter than the global scientific and medical consensus can easily do that so I will leave the actual 2006 – 2020 as an exercise for the reader…or maybe I’ll do it later once I’ve finished this series. or maybe I’ll do it in this post…we’ll see.

Vaccine injury one in a million
Right, so here is some more up-to-date information.  So NVICP is funded by an excise tax per that PDF so the question we need to ask is:  What is an excise tax?   It’s simple – it’s the tax businesses pay when a sale is made of certain goods – in this case, the business is a company within either the Big Pharma or the Little Pharma groups.       So Pharma pays them would be the answer or maybe vaccine buyers if you want to make the argument that costs are passed onto consumers – that’s not surprising, of course, since that’s just how most companies work.  It’s certainly not the general taxpayers.

Now…on to how much money….as of October 2019, $4.2 billion has been awarded to claimants and the government admits this – “Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $4.2 billion.”    Wikipedia has a nice article on the history  of the thing.

Now, we need to think  about what that 4.2 billion actually  means.    It’s an average of $140000000 per annum.   There are 52 weeks in a year so  circa $ 2692310 per week so circa $384615 per day since the program began.

Of course, that’s not what’s paid to vaccine-injured families since that figure also includes attorney fees.    On what’s paid solely to vaccine-injured families, I don’t know.



6. What is the name for the reporting system for the vaccine injured.

Where are you? The answer depends on where you live but lets go with USA for now. But do you mean “vaccine injury reporting system” or “[possible] vaccine injury reporting system” or “active reporting system” or “passive reporting system” or do you mean “vaccine injury” reporting system?

The NVICP is the thing that deals with vaccine-injured children since its full name is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – this is the thing colloquially referred to as “vaccine court”.

The active reporting ones are PRISM and Vaccine Safety Datalink. the full name for the possible vaccine injury reporting system is Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

And an adverse event is not necessarily an adverse effect. Yes, there are many false positives on VAERs – there are supposed to be. Next question?

5. Is it true that you have to be vaccinated to attend public school?

Um, of course not! All fifty states allow medical exemptions because nobody wants you to set your child on fire to keep others warm – of the others, some allow religious exemptions and some do not.

All fifty states allow medical exemptions but of course, medical exemptions are…well…medical. They are not handed out like candy – and that’s for a good reason. It’s clearly not monetary because of countries with socialised medicine.

4. How many doses are administered to children between 0 and 18?

Well, that depends. Would you like to count dose by the number of diseases protected against or would you like to count them by needlesticks? Also, it depends on which country you’re living in and various other factors. The first one varies but I’ve seen counts as high as 72.

Whichever way you want to count this though, it’s dishonest to count the MMR as one for your generation and six for mine. I don’t particularly have an opinion on how we should count them but choose one and stick to it.

Take this picture for example, courtesy of Age of Autism

That is an honest picture and does not make any lies. The question you should be asking is ‘And? Why should this scare me?’ – the list of safety features on the car your kids ride in is longer than the one you rode in.

If you’re about to object with ‘But carseats aren’t injected’ or ‘But Carseats have liability’ or ‘Carseats aren’t unavoidably unsafe’ or any such nonsense of that kind, read this, that and this other thing first.

And if you are going to call any of those a shill and expect me to believe you or host it on my blog then you will provide evidence. While it’s useful information, it would not show as much as you think it would.