You have no business claiming that autism in children and mercury poisoning are the same thing unless you can answer these questions CORRECTLY.

Where the question begins with ‘which condition’, please indicate whether the answer is ‘autism’, ‘mercury poisoning’ or ‘both’ or ‘neither’.   Please note carefully that the questions ask about the conditions per se and not any common comorbidities.

1a,  How does the head of a child with mercury poisoning compare to a typical child’s?
1b.  How does the head of a child with autism compare to a typical child’s?
2a.   Which condition causes co-ordinated repetitive, rhythmic ritualistic behaviours such as rocking, spinning and flapping?
2b.  Which condition causes ataxia which is difficulty controlling muscles to perform tasks and may be expressed as a loss of balance, coordination and control? Mercury poisoning or autism?
3a.  In which condition is vision normal?
3b.  In which condition is vision abnormal with constricted visual fields?
4a.  Which condition involves delayed development of speech?
4b. Which condition causes dysarthria i.e. slurred messy speech?
5a. Which condition causes sensory integration difficulties e.g. hyperresponsiveness?
5b.  Which condition causes peripheral nerve damage, loss of nerve function and dulled responsiveness?
6a.  Which condition causes social communication delays?
6b.  Which condition causes toxic psychosis?
7a.  Which condition causes reliance on routine and difficulty transitioning?
7b.  Which condition causes depression and anxiety?








You have no business asking the question “If you’re so sure that vaccines work, why would my unvaccinated kids be a threat?” unless you can answer these questions CORRECTLY.

  1.  If I am worried about  a disease where the vaccine is given at 12 months, is it reasonable to expect that vaccine to protect my 9-month-old baby who is too young for the vaccine?
  2.  Are vaccines 100% effective?
  3. Would a ‘no’ answer automatically make them 0% effective?
  4.  What is the Nirvana fallacy?
  5.  Are there numbers between 0 and 100
  6.   Do kids who medically can’t be vaccinated exist?
  7. What are the three broad groups that the ‘non-immune’ are made up of?
  8.   If you’re so sure that your car is safe, my crappy brakes wouldn’t be a threat to you, right?
  9. My random gunshots wouldn’t be a threat to you if you were so sure that Kevlar worked, right?
  10.  You have a fire extinguisher that you’re sure works so your child playing with matches is not a threat to you, right?
  11. A drunken cruise ship captain is no threat to passengers provided that we are sure the lifeboat works, right?
  12. Living in  a a bad neighbourhood is no threat to you so long as you’re sure the door locks work, right?
  13. What is consistent reasoning?

You have no business claiming Pharma Companies have zero liability unless you can answer these questions CORRECTLY

  1.  What does the legal principle of “The exception stated proves the [existence of] the rule in cases not excepted” mean?
  2.   How many forms of liability are there?
  3. How many forms of just product liability are there?
  4.   What can a petitioner do if their claim is rejected or otherwise held non-compensable by the NVICP?
  5.  What does NVICP stand for?
  6.    Is it fair that parents of autistic kids don’t get compensated by the NVICP?  Notice that this question asks about fairness, not whether or not something is equal to something else.
  7.     What is equitable tolling?
  8.   What is the colloquial three-letter word for the answer to number 4?
  9.  What is a manufacturing defect?
  10.  What is a labelling defect?
  11.  What does the legal term “unavoidably unsafe” mean?   A legal dictionary will need to be consulted rather than an everyday one.
  12.  Was the “unavoidably unsafe”  defence accepted or rejected in Bruewitz vs Wyeth?
  13. Andrew Wakefield’s work was retracted.   Who was it funded by?
  14.   When and where can you sue pharma companies?
  15.    How often will the mother who complies with the CDC vaccine schedule be informed about the NVICP from the birth of her baby until the day after the child’s third birthday?
  16.  What are other examples of unavoidably unsafe products?
  17.  Share one other interesting fact that was not already discussed.

You have no business claiming that there is an autism epidemic caused by vaccines unless you can answer these questions CORRECTLY. TW: Functioning labels.

  1.  What is the definition of autism?
  2.   How is this different or the same to the definition of ASD?
  3. What does the ‘S’ in ASD stand for?
  4. What does the ‘S’ word in ASD mean?
  5.  Using a consistent definition, is the rate of autism or ASD much higher in children than in adults?  A yes to this question is the bare minimum needed to prove an epidemic exists.
  6.   Is there a difference in rates of autism/ASD in more-vaccinated vs less-vaccinated children?
  7.  What social changes, other than vaccines, may have contributed to a rise in autistic kids seen in the general social population and in schools and the like?
  8. How have you ruled these confounders out? ‘I haven’t’  is not a correct answer.
  9.   Why don’t countries with public health systems think that vaccines cause autism?  I am asking this question because of the fact that they have a financial motive to find problems, not hide them.
  10.  If you read the package inserts, autism is described as a)an adverse event, b)an adverse reaction or c) a side effect?
  11.  What do the different terms in question 10 mean?
  12.   If you compare various historic rates of autism to today’s rate of ASD, you’ll find that the latter is a higher number.  Which direction has the broadening of the ASD been in – is it a)Broadening it so that lower-functioning people fit in than before or b)Broadening it so that b)higher functioning people fit in?
  13.  What are changelings?
  14. Please can you explain to me exactly why I am a worse option than a literal plague?This next one is only applicable to parents of autistic children who also advise others not to vaccinate because vaccines cause autism.
  15.   Even supposing that there was any validity to the vaccines-cause-autism thing,  which there decidedly is not, why  the fuck on God’s Green Earth, in heaven above, and  in hell below, has it fallen to me to protect your child from the notion that they would be better off dead from an easily preventable disease than alive and autistic?     Isn’t that your job as a parent?

You have no business telling anyone else to vaccinate unless you can answer these questions CORRECTLY.

So, there’s a certain meme that has been floating around Reddit. And it says that  “You have no business telling anyone to vaccinate unless you can answer these questions correctly.”   Whoever wrote this should have paid more attention to the last time that  some questions were presented to pro-vaxxers – nine questions got nine answers, and no, we weren’t stumped.

  1.  Name 5 vaccine ingredients.
  2.  Name 5 possible adverse reactions
  3. Are the doctors or vaccine manufacturers able to be held liable if you or your child does suffer an adverse reaction to the vaccine?
  4. How many doses are currently administered to children from birth to age 18?
  5.  Is it true that you have to be vaccinated in order to attend public school?
  6. What is the name of the reporting system for the vaccine-injured?
  7.  How much has currently been paid to vaccine-injured families and who pays them?
  8. Which vaccines shed, and for how long and what exactly does shedding mean?
  9.  Is there still mercury in vaccines?
  10.  Do they offer single doses of measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria or pertussis?
  11.  Have there ever been any studies on the safety or cocktail vaccines or the current vaccine schedule?
  12. Give me one other interesting fact that was not already discussed.
  13.  I have some questions of my own.

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