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Do you wanna know an even better idea?Donate in multiples of $18.Here, I’ll explain!Hebrew is a numeric language. That is, all of its words have a numeric value. If you’ve ever seen the movie π, by Darren Aronofsky, there’s a great scene with a Chasidic Jew who explains a little about this and shares a word problem that hinges on it. So there are lots of puns and things that don’t translate, because, well, even if English had numeric values, we can’t guarantee they’d be the same, you know?So, let’s take a second and talk about chai. Not the tea, the Hebrew word: חי. Those of you who followed my conversion may know this is also (part of) my Hebrew name, in its feminine form: חייה. It means “life.” Chai, you can imagine, is a great word! Lots of kids named Chaim (male) or Chaya (female). “L’chaim,” or “to life,” is the traditional Jewish toast. Our most important holiday, Yom Kippur, features a greeting that translates to “may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.” We talk a lot about chai.And chai, as you may have guessed, has a numeric value of 18. It’s a very common Jewish practice to give cash gifts in multiples of $18. For Chanukkah last year I donated $36 to my nieces’ Hebrew school, $18 for each of them, without even a moment’s thought to sync up “what I can afford” with “what’s appropriate and meaningful.” My temple does their donation forms in multiples of $18, with a couple of nominally-normal numbers like $50. It’s one of those cool little cultural things. And I promise you, if Charlottesville gets flooded with $18 donations, the white supremacists and Nazis setting up camp there will notice, and they will know what it means. Fight the 1488 with the 18.Fight hate with life.(Non-Jews, feel free to reblog and share this to other platforms. In fact I genuinely and unironically hope you do, because I’d love to see this take off among gentile donators who want a great, nonviolent way to offer a one-two punch.)not to demean op i think this is all meant very well but in nazi cyphers 18 stands for AH aka adolf hitler :/ 17.08.17 16501 jaebumsmeats prismatic-bellmunchkin62 reblogged this from osheamobileeulaliafluffboll reblogged this from informative-feministlapichuu reblogged this from skitscoursehenriettapettit liked thishoneydoc reblogged this from anthrocentric420blazblade reblogged this from roachpatroli-am-the-egg liked thisleighbooks reblogged this from markwatneythespacepirategirlinthebrightbluesneakers reblogged this from feministingforchangegirlinthebrightbluesneakers liked thissixteenfiftynine reblogged this from shybiviolethumeruspuns247 liked thissixteenfiftynine liked thisperfectlycrazydragon reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashbbelladonna reblogged this from pastellarstarkat-yaeger reblogged this from bazeholdmybeerkat-yaeger liked thissleepingreader reblogged this from uncontinuousfourteenthofaugust liked thismusashi reblogged this from moonlandingwasfakedfeatherpantsd liked thisyoumakemefeelsafeagain reblogged this from bazeholdmybeercatbreon reblogged this from cornerof5thandvermouthvalsyourpal reblogged this from lmaocourseceinflower reblogged this from aevioswinterskorn reblogged this from ilikeyoshithisforsakenbeauty reblogged this from pocket-sizedsweetheartruledeargremlinchild reblogged this from not-a-bit-goodchefreeni liked thisoof-oof-owie reblogged this from feministingforchangealphamanda reblogged this from meanttodosomethingextraordigayoof-oof-owie liked thisbonziibuddy reblogged this from officialvlinnyfandom–clusterfuck reblogged this from thesiriustoherremusskiretehfox liked thisitsdepressedtrash reblogged this from positively–sapphicitsdepressedtrash liked thisgayhani reblogged this from jaebumsmeats and added:not to demean op i think this is all meant very well but in nazi cyphers 18 stands for AH aka adolf hitler :/nyxandriadracos reblogged this from prismatic-bellnursejackiechan liked thiskitsunephantom09 liked thisiheartcardioids reblogged this from whereigowhenimnotheredj-feelings reblogged this from newphone-whothisnot-a-bit-good reblogged this from shybivioletfinky-dink liked thisnot-a-bit-good liked thisareyouasgayasthedayisgay liked thisdj-feelings liked thisidontreallysleepbutilovesleep liked thismyphysicalromance reblogged this from queenrinacatSHOW MORE NOTESProfile age: 18gender: genderfluidsexuality: lesbianname: veroAboutfull about me Currentlybtvsgogoltopp dogg