MSDS Misuse Monday

So the plan is that this will be a regular ‘quick posting’ – in other words, any Monday when I have time for a blog post but not a long one will result in an MSDS Misuse Monday.

What this means is that you get a suggestion of what to make with a bunch of links to relevant Material Data Safety sheets.  Of course, those of you who are smarter than the entire global scientific and medical consensus already know what an MSDS is so I’ll need to ask for your patience while I catch the sheep up.  I won’t be long.


Thank you, Wikipedia.

many people think that a scientfic consensus

Thank you, Logic Of Science.


Today, we’re going to start with an easy one – a particularly  flavourful cheese on toast.

Naturally, you’re going to need bread, and some cheese.   You’ll also want a bottle of smoky bourbon sauce.    Put cheese on bread and toast bread/melt the cheese under the oven.  Apply smoky bourbon sauce to serve.


MSDSes to read:


And … you get the idea.








Calling People Shills Makes the Rest of Us Look Stupid

The fact of the matter is, there is no convincing evidence of a cover-up. Yet unfortunately, anywhere this CDC whistleblower scandal is doubted, the comments are sure to be flooded with accusations of people being shills for Big Pharma. Aside from being obnoxious, it makes the rest of us look stupid. The result is that important issues like healthy user bias get drowned out by the noise


ROLL CALL for Medical Professionals With Disabilities

Please respond by tagging #JobWithDisabilities

For example, if you are a disabled doctor, you’d tag #DocsWithDisabilities.

Disabled nurses, please use #NursesWithDisabilities

If you would like to do a bit more, please write a case study on yourself titled something along the lines of “[My Disability] and Successful Completion of [X Requirement]. Here’s an example.

Background Information:

Learn the Risks of Falling for Anti-Vaccine Propaganda – link dump

Learn the Risks of Falling for Anti-Vaccine Propaganda
Are You on the Fence About Vaccines?
Vaccine Hesitant Parents
50 Ways to Get Educated About Vaccines
What Are the Pro and Con Arguments for Vaccines?
Are You Too Scared to Vaccinate Your Kids?
100 Myths About Vaccines
Too Many Too Soon
Do Kids Really Get 72 Doses of Vaccines?

Be sure to check out all the sources!

Name 5 vaccine ingredients.

1)Aluminum salts


2. Egg Whites


4.  Bovine essence – yes, this exists.  Ask your grandmother about a wonderful invention called stock. (Shout-out to kfunk937)

5. Yeast proteins.

The list that includes both ingredient and excipent  (sp) lists is on either the PIF/Patient leaflet or VIS depending on your country.   Though…I’ve read lots of the things and fail to see what the point is here.

Polly Tommey, she won’t judge autism parents who murder, but judges Fiona O’Leary for just criticism

A random blog - run by an Autistic Against Anti-Vaxxers.

Cinema Libre Studios and Andrew Wakefield’s Vaxxed team threaten autistic autism momIn “Autism”Polly Tommey won’t judge parents who murder their disabled children. That’s part of the problemIn “Autism”Irish Examiner: US film studio threatens to sue autism-rights advocateIn “Autism”

Source: Polly Tommey, she won’t judge autism parents who murder, but judges Fiona O’Leary for just criticism

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Polly Tommey won’t judge parents who murder their disabled children. That’s part of the problem

A random blog - run by an Autistic Against Anti-Vaxxers.

Brain Right BrainLet’s just jump right to the video clip. Because it needs no introduction, it is just so wrong:The speaker is Polly Tommey. Polly Tommey has a long history of bad autism advocacy. When people think of the autism parents who just do advocacy wrong, they are thinking of people like Polly Tommey. She’s been a voice in the “vaccines-cause-autism” movement for a long time. She’s worked with Andrew Wakefield (whose unethical actions in relation to disabled patients at his hospital lost him his medical license. To name one of his many failures). This in itself demonstrates bad judgement and poor reasoning. Recall that Andrew Wakfield fictionalized an account of a parent murdering her autistic child, framing it as an act of love.But the low point of Polly Tommey’s advocacy career came when she and Andrew Wakefield “helped” a family in crisis. They were working on a reality…View original…

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