MSDS Misuse Monday

So the plan is that this will be a regular ‘quick posting’ – in other words, any Monday when I have time for a blog post but not a long one will result in an MSDS Misuse Monday.

What this means is that you get a suggestion of what to make with a bunch of links to relevant Material Data Safety sheets.  Of course, those of you who are smarter than the entire global scientific and medical consensus already know what an MSDS is so I’ll need to ask for your patience while I catch the sheep up.  I won’t be long.


Thank you, Wikipedia.

many people think that a scientfic consensus

Thank you, Logic Of Science.


Today, we’re going to start with an easy one – a particularly  flavourful cheese on toast.

Naturally, you’re going to need bread, and some cheese.   You’ll also want a bottle of smoky bourbon sauce.    Put cheese on bread and toast bread/melt the cheese under the oven.  Apply smoky bourbon sauce to serve.


MSDSes to read:


And … you get the idea.







Pascal’s R*ist: Part II.


It’s late out at night. A white man crosses the street and ends up inadvertently sneaking up on a woman who suddenly notices him and startled – she clutches her purse tighter or she makes sure her keys are held a particular way. Or she takes her headphones off or she does any one of of a hundred little things to look out for her safety – maybe she takes a turn to see if she loses White Guy.

It’s late out at night. A black person crosses the street and a white man suddenly notices him and the white man suddenly needs to know right where his wallet is.

Each of those scenarios are definitely things that happen, motivated (likely) by different things.

But….there’s also this scenario:

It’s late out at night. A white woman is walking and a black man crosses the street – she hadn’t noticed him until now so she startles and does her self-protection drill described above.

From this one encounter, she doesn’t know if he’s an Asshole or not – she’s scared of him because he’s generally bigger. But….Black Dude has no way to tell that that is what is going on from this one encounter either – she could be just racist or she could be scared of the man.

I don’t know what the answer is here in the details (Because well, I’m Not Black.) but I do know that it’s a thing that needs talking about. And I’ve seen that scenario come up in discussions a lot but I have yet to see a satisfactory answer to it.

(This also applies to things like Pascal’s Ableism but with some caveats about whether the disability is visible or not and how that interacts with various things)

Now, yes, Margilanised-on-one-axis men already do alter their behaviour to stop setting off certain flags but we do need to discuss to what extent they need to cater to women’s fears and to what extent they don’t.

Pascal’s R**ist/Schrodinger’s R**(*)ist: Or the cause of lots of Screaming Internet Fights – Part I.

So, first off, Schrodinger’s Rapist is a shit name. In Schrodinger’s Cat, there is definitely a cat. So yes, you are actually calling All Men Rapists when you use that term. I’m not stupid – I know you don’t mean to. But you know. what? You’re still doing it. A)Intent is not Magic, B)It is pointlessly confusing and C)You’re still on feet here – you need to get off of them.

Pascal’s Rapist is what it should be if you’re actually talking about fear-of-rape and such. Now we have dealt with the person who is just confused about the misleading name. (I mean, it’s apparently about Schrodinger’s Asshole so it’s a misleading name even if you’re not.

Now, onto the Screaming Internet Fights of Schrodinger’s R**(*)ist. Here’s the thing: Women don’t know if this particular man is a rapist or a sexual assaulter. Black people do not know if this particular person is a racist.

Part II is about a Pascal’s R*ist scenario.

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