Science Red Flags

Science red flags

The ‘scientifically proven’ subterfuge.

Persecuted prophets and maligned mavericks: The Galileo Gambit.

Empty edicts – absence of empirical evidence.

Anecdotes, testimonials and urban legends.

Charges of conspiracy, collusion and connivance.

Stressing status and appealing to authority

Devious deception in displaying data: Cherry picking

Repetition of discredited arguments – parroting PRATT.

Duplicity and distraction – false dichotomy

Wishful thinking – favouring fantasy over fact

Appeals to ancient wisdom – trusting traditional trickery

Technobabble and tenuous terminology: the use of pseudo scientific language

Confusing correlation with causation: rooster syndrome

YANSS Podcast 034 – After This, Therefore Because of This: Your Weird Relationship with Cause and Effect

Straw man: crushing concocted canards

Indelible initial impressions: the anchoring effect

Perceiving phoney patterns: apophenia

Esoteric energy and fanciful forces.

Banishing boundaries and pushing panaceas – applying models where they don’t belong

Averting anxiety with cosmic connectivity: magical thinking

Single study syndrome – clutching at convenient confirmation

Appeal to nature – the authenticity axiom

The reversed responsibility response – switching the burden of proof

The scary science scenario – science portrayed as evil.

False balance – cultivating counterfeit controversy to create confusion

Confirmation bias – ferreting favourable findings while overlooking opposing observations

Crafty contrarians and wily watchdogs – donning the mantle of shrewdness

The appeal to common sense – garbage in the guise of gumption

Ostensible oppression of opposing opinions – claims of rights violated.

The alarmism accusation – claims of crises created to funnel funding

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